How To Never Mismanage a
Client Relationship Again!

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We Provide Tools to Make Your Customers LOVE You



Have the dates you need to remember for how you run your business sent to your e-mail. 


Track every tidbit you want to remember about your clients.


Have key client events such as birthdays, anniversaries, and important dates sent to your e-mail or your assistant’s.


Educator and party plan expert, Deb Bixler shares how to qualify leads at trade shows and vendor events. You will learn how to bring home leads that actually want to do business with you and may even call you first!! 


Track your client’s purchases, overall month to date sales, and year to date sales.


Track upcoming events in your business and have the reminders sent to your e-mail.


We pride ourselves on providing AWESOME support. Through video tutorials you can find instant answers to your questions but, if you can’t figure something out? We can help just email support.


Search the info you know about your clients & use that info to customize emails and promos.


Tabs within the system make it easy to navigate and user friendly. 


Build Email Templates, Send & Collect Emails our system is paired up with MailChimp to provide you awesome service.


We ensure the saftey of your information as well as every client’s information through the use of our system


We LOVE to improve our customer experience and are constantly adding more new features.

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Testimonials, Reviews, & Business Love Notes

"“The Client Angel is easy to use and allows me to store all my information in one place. It has made it so easy to provide my clients with the personal customer service they deserve.”"

− Cindy Arsenault, Emily Rose @ Home 4 U Doll Clothes & Furniture

"“The Client Angel product has dramatically improved my customer retention. My customers are thrilled that I remember their birthday and other significant events. Using The Client Angel has allowed me to focus on building and maintaining relationships with my current customers as well as grow and expand my business.“"

− Fran Metz, Silpada Designs Rep

"“…never would have gotten this follow up done if I hadn’t used client angel, this is a game changer for me…”"

− Terrill Young

"“Time, time, time … there never seemed to be enough time! When I finally admitted that I couldn’t do it all by myself, wah-lah! An angel appeared at just the right time … and it was Jen and her Client Angel services! What a blessing! I’m so thankful for both Jen and Melissa (, because I now have the time I need to pursue my real passion which is teaching and training my team and other women to success! I highly recommend The Client Angel! Thank you Jen … you really are an angel!”"

− Phyllis O’Neill, Senior Executive Director, Thirty-One





How easy to implement is it?

With the use of your free trial, we can get your customers all loaded in and you can start using the system right away. We are constantly improving our system by adding features. Whenever a new feature is added, you will be notified.

How does the trial work?

To get started, sign up for your 30 days free of The Client Angel, including all features, free training and tutorials.  We will also load in all your customers for free if they are in a spreadsheet or the first 250 if they are in paper form.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch! We have no add-on fees or support restrictions. We want our customers to be happy and get organized so they can have a thriving business.

Questions? We’re here to help.

Send us an Email and we will have someone get back to you as soon as possible!


Jen Fitzgerald, Creator of The Client Angel

I am a relationship building and follow-up pro with a passion for teaching my strategies to entrepreneurs all over the world.

I am the founder and owner of The Client Angel, a tool used worldwide by business owners helping them to attract and retain more customers, grow their businesses, and enjoy more freedom in their lives. After applying my proven strategies, we’ve seen clients experience significant growth in their business, more referrals, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing they never miss anything in their customers’ lives.

The Client Angel was born out of my need for an organization angel. I would gather contact information from the people I meet and promise to follow-up with them and never do. This follow up guilt lead to overwhelm… where I had so many customers and prospects and no way to organize them anymore. As if the stress of running my own business wasn’t enough. I wanted and needed a simpler, more efficient way to track, build and maintain the awesome relationships that I could be nurturing. To clarify this point and help change the way we connect with our customers, I created the Client Angel.

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